Indonesia - Overview


As a result of an in-depth evaluation, SITECO chose Indonesia as location for its pilot project. The objective is to promote dual vocational education and training in line with the Swiss model in Indonesia, which itself constitutes a large emerging country with increasingly important trade and industrial relations with Switzerland. The Project came to life in 2012 by way of a Campus Project, which, as from 2015/16 lead to the APII Platform Project co-financed by SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). In 2017, an advanced training program for Indonesian vocational teachers was held in Switzerland for and on behalf of the Indonesian Ministry RISTEKDIKTI (Research, Technology and Higher Education). Since 2018, moreover, the perennial Program S4C is in operation in consortium with Swisscontact, the Bern University of Applied Science and SITECO for the build-up of 5 new polytechnics by mandate of the Indonesian Industry Ministry as also of RISTEKDIKTI. This Program is likewise co-financed by SECO.