Indonesia - Campus ATMI Cikarang


Mechatronic Center

In Cikarang, the industrial area of Jakarta, an educational center was erected and enlarged on the campus area of ATMI Akademi Technik Mesin Insdustri for polymechanics, mechatronics and industrial design engineers.

It is managed by ATMI, an organisation of Indonesian Jesuits who for more than 40 years have operated a technical education center in Solo City (Surakarta) with great success. It had at the time been built up by the Swiss Jesuit priest Johann Casutt and continues to provide dual technical education and training including its own industrial production.

In Cikarang, likewise, the training is combined with school-owned production facilities, in fact with a proper machine factory. It is only by way of this method that the correct dual education mix (60% practical training, 40% theoretical education) can be accurately applied. Moreover, it contributes to covering the entire operating cost at the same time.

The building of the Mechatronic Education Center was accorded the Sustainable Construction Award of the Holcim Foundation in that it was named as a paradigm for environmentally sustainable construction when taking into consideration the hot and tropical climate in the area. The concrete construction possesses of a self-sufficient cooling system for the building by featuring a permanent and integrated cooling water circuit in the building structure , resulting in the fact that no conventional and energy-intensive air conditioning is required. Among others, the energy requirement is provided for by a photovoltaic installation on the roof of the building which, with its distinctive arch-shaped form enables the collection of the adequate quantity of rainwater.

The Mechatronic Center was exclusively financed by donators of industrial enterprises and by private non-profit organisations.

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During the time period 2015 – 2017, SITECO realized a Dormitory on the Campus of ATMI Cikarang for approx. 300 students of the Polytechnic, 15 % of whom are females, which, in itself, constitutes a high portion when comparing with just 6 % of Swiss MEM-trained females. It goes without saying that the repose area and sanitary facilities exist gender-separate, a must in majoritarian Muslim Indonesia. ATMI’s education philosophy does not only feature a high technical level but likewise comprises work-ethical competences such as: punctuality, cleanliness, orderliness, loyalty and team spirit. These attitudes - inherent with the ATMI graduates - are particularly appreciated by the labour market. The initiation of a “campus spirit” additionally serves the cultivation of such soft skills among male and female students as also their teaching staff; here, the common sitting rooms provide an important contribution. The Dormitories, likewise, were exclusively financed by donators of industrial enterprises and by private non-profit organisations.