International Swiss Academy for Sustainable Construction – ISASC, Sao Paulo

Starting point Brazil: Lack of specialists and lack of quality work
In Brazil - especially in the construction sector - there is a great shortage of skilled workers who can perform quality work. While the industrial sector is strongly driven by international standards in terms of quality, this transition is less pronounced in the construction industry. In spite of the norms and procedures, quality deficiencies are evident in the products and in the production process, stated by leading architects and entrepreneurs. Since the maintenance of buildings, machinery and plants is of sub-paramount importance in Brazil, the sector is hardly sustainable. Brazil has magnificent buildings; The creators are often foreign companies, prearrangements and actions for sustainability are in vain.

Although there are training centers that provide graduates with a "village operational level", quality is inadequate in many respects, especially in international comparison. In order to achieve a transformation, two points must be addressed:

  • Vocational training,

  • Product and execution quality.

The new approach: technology transfer - quality transfer - international cooperation
An internationally active construction development company based in Zurich, the cooperation for dual vocational training in Sao Paulo, consisting of éducationsuisse, the Swiss school of Brazil (Sao Paulo and Curitiba) and SITECO, together with Geiger evolution and SokratesGroup, intend to develop a dual model in Sao Paulo Vocational training in the construction sector. The opportunity to build a "Swiss Resort" in the vicinity of Sao Paulo is an opportunity. The combination of vocational training on site, product quality and technology cooperation with long-term effect is outstanding.
For this purpose, a vocational school for construction, the "International Swiss Academy for Sustainable Construction - ISASC" is established. The local building industry (Businessclub Berufsbildung), the Swiss School of Sao Paulo and educationssuisse is the sponsor. The suppliers not only bring the quality materials into the country, but also the technicians, instructors, trainers, who bring the know-how and the experience to the vocational school. SITECO is currently developing a concept to enable "young professionals", Swiss trainees in Switzerland with some professional experience, to become an instructor abroad in specific areas.

The additional "Center of Competence for Sustainable Construction" of the Academy goes beyond the construction phase. The "ISASC" is open to local young people for training and local companies as a center of excellence (further education and technology) as well as as an association center (business club / bearer association). Before entering the training, the suitability is evaluated in an assessment in cooperation with the existing vocational training institution SENAI. The curriculum is based on Swiss, international and Brazilian requirements, so that a final certificate certifying the international orientation can be submitted by ISASC-SENAI. "ISASC" trains the middle management of the company, which is able to master the implementation on a demanding level.

Agile vocational training in the construction industry with international and national quality certificate
The vocational school of the "International Swiss Academy for Sustainable Construction - ISASC" trains graduates of the SENAI school (level 3) in a year (4th year) and finishes with a certificate (level 4 +).

In addition to the focus on quality engineering, the curriculum of this fourth year of training also focuses on human resources management, business management and ecology. Swiss principles of dual vocational training are followed, 30% practice and application, 30% theory. The theory course takes place daily in specially designed school pavilions (transportable containers). The cooperation with SENAI allows the ISASC to have the entry assessments and the final certificates "in house". With the construction of another Sao Paulo airport near Sao Roque, the International Swiss Academy for Sustainable Construction (ISASC) can be moved to the right location.

Realization period for the project International Swiss Academy for Sustainable Construction: 2017-2020


"ISASC" - Cooperations: Cooperation with Escola Suiço Brasileira de Sao Paulo