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Tigray Technical College, Mekelle

Since April 2015, a vocational school in Northern Ethiopia has been developed in partnership with the "Rainbows 4 children" foundation and SITECO. The R4C Foundation (Lachen SZ) has been running a school from kindergarten to 12th grade in Mekelle (Tigray province, Northern Ethiopia) for 12 years. The school is run jointly with the Tigray Disabled Veterans Association, TDVA. 70% of the parents are victims of war and have decided to give their children a better future. The "Nicolas Robinson School" was built by Kathryn and Max Robinson and is constantly being further developed by them. It is now one of the four best schools in Ethiopia.


Since April 2015, the concept for a three-year dual vocational training has been developed in cooperation with SITECO. In December 2015, the field study was completed. The exploration among the CEOs of 15 large companies (up to 20,000 jobs in planning) and medium-sized enterprises showed that everyone wants to enter the dual vocational training. The lack of skilled labor is obvious. To date, an aid organization has mostly been trying to organize specialists from Europe to solve a malfunction. The idea of creating a middle management for the implementation of the operational plans and the next steps in technology is the result of the dual vocational training. Four hectares of land are already secured for the "Tigray Technical College" (Berufsschule); The construction consulting and construction management are carried out by the global consulting firm ARUP from London (Sydney Opera House, Bird Nest, Water Cube, Beijing).

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The plan envisages launching the most promising career paths in a pilot project, then adding two further professions on a yearly basis. In September 2016, the pilot project "Hospitality" and "Garment Manufacturing" will be launched. The basic conditions for hotel industry are good, because there is a hotel business association on site. A Hilton manager helps in the development of the project. A cooperation is being established in the textile sector, on the one hand with the company "Calzedonia-lntimissimi", on the other hand with the company "Vogue Velocitas" and MAA Garment.
The dual vocational courses offer as added value with courses for setting up an own business; This is not in contradiction with the goal of building a middle management in the teaching firm, because the independence of experienced professionals creates new jobs. The fruits of a careful and sustainable vocational training.

The departments "Construction", "Mechanical Engineering", "Maintenance", "Agriculture" (a field study was conducted by an expert from Strickhof, Lindau ZH in October 2015), "Watermanagement", "ICT", "Solar- und Wind-Power ". Inital target size of the vocational school is 500, later 1800. In Mekelle - 400'000 inhabitants - 200'000 are people under the age of 18.